Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you a minister?

      No, I am not a minister nor am I licensed to marry people. The title "Celebrant" was given because what we do is celebrate            the life once lived by the deceased, and my hearts desire is to ensure that the life of the deceased is the focus of the service. 

  2. What type of services do you officiate?

      I do traditional funerals and graveside services, memorial services either at the funeral home or at a location of your                    choosing, and services of the scattering of cremated remains. 

  3. I don't know of anyone who has used a Funeral Celebrant, what is the benefit of hiring one?

      The word Celebrant is definitely not one that you here very often in East Tennessee. However, just because it's not a familiar        term doesn't mean it's something weird. Although not very common in this area Celebrants are used throughout the United          States to officiate funerals. The benefit of using a Celebrant is having an end of life service, whether it's a traditional funeral,

      graveside, memorial or scattering service that is centered around the deceased.   

  4. How do you obtain the information for the service?

      I meet with the immediate family for approximately two hours, listen to them share stories and tell me about their loved                one. I then take the information provided and handcraft a eulogy that honors their loved one and initiates healing.  I start 

      with a blank page for each family. I do not use a template, every service is unique and totally catered to the specific life of             the individual. 

  5. I've seen pictures of women on the internet wearing robes, what do you wear when you officiate a service?

      I have experience working in the funeral business and what I wear is what you would see a female wear while working a              funeral service. I wear a professional pant or skirt suit in either black, navy, or grey. 

  6. What is the difference between a Funeral Celebrant and a Funeral Director? 

      There are some funeral homes that have Certified Celebrants on staff or the Celebrant can work independently and officiate  

       services at any funeral home, graveside, or location of choice by the family. The Celebrants primary task is to work with the 

       family in planning the service and also works with the Funeral Director in coordinating the service. The Funeral Director

       assist the family with burial or cremation, scheduling visitation and services, obtaining the death certificate, etc.   

  7. Do you do pet services?

      Absolutely. Pets are family, companions, and each of them have their own personality. When a pet dies people grieve just the        same because they've lost something very close to their hearts. 





Serving the areas of Bristol, Elizabethton, Erwin, Johnson City, and Kingsport in Northeast Tennessee. 

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